05 October, 2011

Some Writing Prompts Cribbed from the Letters of a Prolifically Unpublished Friend (Use at Your Own Risk)

  • Concept: the search for artistic proof that time is bipolar

  • Concept: the invention of a spell-check machine for dreams

  • Starting dialog:"Dude, I just broke my fucking guitar over some fucker's head! You gotta send me a new one."

  • Starting sentence: I know a girl who ends every sentence with "...and everything."

  • Concept: tortured life of godly obsession versus masturbation

  • Concept: a very nice guy who's never offended anyone

  • Concept: why laundromats make me horny

  • Title: A Catholic on the Hill Floats to Heaven on Bingo Wings

  • Starting sentence: Today the moat is calm, quiet. Colorless. Wet.

  • Exercise: review a nonexistent play, film, or concert

  • Concept: characters in novels aging with time — like the next time you read Huck Finn he's using a walker to hobble onto the raft, Tom and Becky long since gone

  • Concept: the trouble with milk

1 comment:

  1. hmmm... sounds vaguely familiar. I wonder if Byron would- no, he would never "crib" from my letters. Besides, I haven't led a "tortured life"; tortured Life - capital L - sure. And, as long as can think, and write, who needs milk, anyway?


Lacking computer access of any kind, Byron cannot respond to your comments but is relayed them and appreciates your kind remarks.