05 October, 2011

Some Writing Prompts Cribbed from the Letters of a Prolifically Unpublished Friend (Use at Your Own Risk)

  • Concept: the search for artistic proof that time is bipolar

  • Concept: the invention of a spell-check machine for dreams

  • Starting dialog:"Dude, I just broke my fucking guitar over some fucker's head! You gotta send me a new one."

  • Starting sentence: I know a girl who ends every sentence with "...and everything."

  • Concept: tortured life of godly obsession versus masturbation

  • Concept: a very nice guy who's never offended anyone

  • Concept: why laundromats make me horny

  • Title: A Catholic on the Hill Floats to Heaven on Bingo Wings

  • Starting sentence: Today the moat is calm, quiet. Colorless. Wet.

  • Exercise: review a nonexistent play, film, or concert

  • Concept: characters in novels aging with time — like the next time you read Huck Finn he's using a walker to hobble onto the raft, Tom and Becky long since gone

  • Concept: the trouble with milk

1 comment:

  1. hmmm... sounds vaguely familiar. I wonder if Byron would- no, he would never "crib" from my letters. Besides, I haven't led a "tortured life"; tortured Life - capital L - sure. And, as long as can think, and write, who needs milk, anyway?


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