30 October, 2015

Writer’s Cramp #41

Yes, this actually is the last Writer’s Cramp strip. It’s hard for me to believe I was doing these every week of the past ten months, and yet it feels somehow like an eternity. What started as a stopgap measure to get content on my blog while my typewriter was in the shop took on a life of its own. The strip wasn’t meant to last. I was having fun with it for a while, though, so I didn’t notice how much effort was actually going into it until last month, when a bout of mental reorganizing led me to conclude that there were better investments of time I could be making. I’ve got a novel crying my name at night. I’ve got letters pawing for my attention. I’ve got a Twitter feed to throw crumbs to. It isn’t often (or ever) that you’ll hear a prisoner say he needs more time, but I’m hardly your typical prisoner.

To the few who were actually following the anti-adventures of my poorly drawn stick figures I will make no promises but point out that this ending doesn’t necessarily keep me from venturing back into the questionable avocation of webcomic authorship. It could be that someday I’ll pick up another pen and doodle additional installments of the Writer’s harrowed existence. Possibly. Maybe. But don’t hold your breath, and please don’t wish ill on my typewriter — that’d be totally bad for your karma, or something.

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