13 May, 2016

Eight Rites for Getting By

I. For being tallied four times daily: the Assumption of the Position.

II. For calming, in lieu of privacy or space: the Osculation of Thumb and Fingertip, repeated.

III. For sustenance: the Salisbury Renunciation, followed by the Feast of Bread and Beans.

IV. For preparation to be visited: the Observation of Minutes Passing.

V. For nostalgia’s pernicious ache: the Cherished Songs Devotional.

VI. For sleep, when sleep won’t come: the Silent Litany of Hopes.

VII. For reluctant waking on dark mornings: the Acquiescence, the Taking-in of the Black Invigorator, the Reading of Ill-Illuminated Words.

VIII. For all the rest: the Unsaid, Unheard Prayer for Ending.

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