04 September, 2018

The Satisfaction Met By Subverting Snail Mail

A couple of weeks ago I sent my first e-mail from a JPay kiosk in my wing. It was the first electronic communique I'd fired off since June of 2001. (To save you from doing the math, that was seventeen years and three months ago... but who's counting?) The experience of clicking Send, knowing that my message was going to reach its recipient not four days hence but that very day, excited me so much that I fist-bumped the guy behind me in line. I even blew it up, after.

JPay mini tablets will finally be issued in October, says the Missouri DOC. Until then, we get ten-minute sessions on the kiosk, as many as five times per day. It's not enough time to compose anything really substantive — no manifestos, treatises, or theses — but the convenient immediacy makes it the best lifestyle upgrade I've gotten since the chow hall menu brought back black-eyed peas. I can hardly wait to start doing most of my textual communication (and these blogs) digitally — a wish come true nearly ten years after this post about kissing the USPS goodbye.

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