11 June, 2016

Unhappy Anniversary


  1. Today is the fifteenth anniversary of Byron’s arrest. Each one of these 5,478 hash marks represent one day of his wrongful imprisonment.

    Seeing them on the screen, they don’t look like much. What takes a second to scroll past took Byron a decade and a half to live. Those days have taken a toll on us, his supporters, and we can just imagine what they have done to Byron. Despite his brave face, we know he is suffering, locked away in that place.

    How much longer before his innocence is acknowledged by the State of Missouri? Please help us end this travesty! Sign our petition and consider making a donation to help us pay Byron’s lawyer’s fees, because fifteen years of unrelenting injustice—5,478 days of stolen life—is an outrage no human being should tolerate.

  2. This astonishing visual seems a fitting place to share this audio piece that uses dialog from a podcast with Byron. I find it to be incredibly profound.


Byron does not have Internet access. Pariahblog.com posts are sent from his cell by way of a secure service especially for prisoners' use. We do read him your comments, however, and he enjoys hearing your thoughts very much.